You can use a username or email address to login.

What are the upload limitations?

An upload cannot exceed 2GB. An individual file must not be more than 2GB.

Can I notify more than one user about uploads?

Yes! Use a space or a comma to separate email addreses.

Email was not received?

Be sure to check your spam filter. Adding player@swan.audio to your contacts list will help as well.

What does the red color indicate on the upload form?

A required field got missed or you did not choose files to upload.

What is in the download package?

The download package is a zipped archive of the content you upload.

This includes non-audio files if you choose to upload them.

How long will my uploads be available?

Your content will be available for 7 days after upload. After that, the folder and contents are deleted.

How do I play a track from the beginning?

Click or touch the track time played numbers. These indicate how much time has been played.

Clicking on this resets the track.

The player stops unexpectedly on a mobile device.

Restart the device. Don't do a factory reset but try to make sure it powers off and on again.

What are those icons at the bottom of the upload form?

These three options alter how your uploads are presented.

The left means download only. No player or audio wave forms will appear for the recipient.

The middle (download/play) indicates you want the recipient to be able to download an archive of the audio files you submitted.

The middle (download/play) will also build a player, they can play the audio files uploaded.

The right means play only. No download will be available. Only a player will be built.

Any uploaded aif/wav will be deleted from the servers if you choose play only. Only the AAC files for the player will remain.

Are video files supported?

No, we do not build audio tracks for video files.


We don't sell, give away, accidentally drop your user information, information about uploads or email targets. We're paranoid as well.

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